AmiBroker 5.70.2 Pro x32 (Jan 2014)


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AmiBroker 5.70.2 Pro x32 (Jan 2014)

AmiBroker 5.70.2 Pro x32 (Jan 2014)

About AmiBroker Editions

AmiBroker software is currently available in 2 editions: Standard and Professional.


Reasons why we are better than competition:

  • FEATURE RICH – the most complete set of featuresavailable plus we add new features every day on user request.
  • RELIABILITY and ACCURACY – thoroughly tested and used every day by community of thousands of traders, fund managers, etc. Our backtester can reproduce virtually any trading strategy with real-life accuracy, including complex rebalancing strategies, sorting&ranking systems on thousands of securities.
  • SPEED – state-of-the-art programming and assembly optimizations allow your analyses to run 10 times faster than other competing products, each chart pane runs in parallel in separate thread allowing to fully utilise all processor cores. New Analysis window fully utilises multi-treading and provides unmatched data crunching power.
  • FLEXIBLE AND CUSTOMIZABLE – you won’t be limited by the software anymore. With AmiBroker the limit is just your imagination. AmiBroker is incredibly tweakable and can be adjusted to fit your personal trading needs.
  • OPEN ARCHITECTURE – we provide a FREE API (application programming interface) that enables to link to any data vendor. The API comes with source code of actual indicator and data plugins. Open-source smart optimization engines (Particle Swarm, Tribes, CMA-ES). There is also extensive OLE/ActiveX automation interface available.
  • MODERN AND COMPATIBLE – our software is compatible and well tested with all modern Windows versions including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows VistaWindows XP, Windows 2000, as well as with Windows 95, 98, Millenium, NT 4. AmiBroker has native 32-bit and 64-bit versions to maximize the performance. No matter which Windows version you use, you can run AmiBroker on it.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – not only license fee is low but also you get 12 months of free upgradesfree support, free plug-ins and add-ons, and last but not least, you can also use FREE DATA from a number of sources.


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